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I am hoping to change this page frequently.  I will be sharing tips, techniques and recipes.  This could be called the how did you do that page!   One of the things I have admired about some of the amazing artists that I have met is how open and giving they are.  They have generously shared glaze recipes, techniques, and advice,

and I would like to do the same here.

The glaze that was used on this bowl is my own creation. It was actually a mistake so I call it "Boo Boo Blue"

It a is a very runny glaze, so leave a generous space at the bottom of the pot to prevent ruining kiln shelves.

Gerstley Borate       26

Neph Sye                   48

EPK                               6

Silica                           20


Rutile                          4

RIO                               2

Cobalt Oxide             1.7

Cobalt Carbonate    3,3

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